The application comes with a default data file (bdpi_ghost.dst) with two events. To view events you have first to open the data file with :

     home -> files -> dst -> bdpi_ghost.dst

When done, you can visualize an event with :

     home -> next event

The home menu item "vis events" leads to a panel to loop on events. If looping on events, you can stop with "stop events". You can have a simple rotating animation of the scene with :

     home -> y rotate scene

(Touch/click again on this button to stop the animation).

More data files

You can bring more data files and install them in the "document directory" of the pmx application. The procedure is similar to what is explained in the ioda web pages under the "Data files" section (you have to replace "ioda" by "pmx" in the explanations). You can use the "ftp" main menu item to get some files with the "good old FTP" from the pmx download area but also from a site of your own by customizing a pmx.ftp file deposited in the document directory (see the ioda Data files section for more).